About Me

I am a PhD student in the Electrical Engineering Faculty, Technion IIT, my advisors are Prof. Idit Keidar and Dr. David Carmel. My research lies on the border of Distributed Computing and Information Retrieval. I am also a student of the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) Research School.

I did my MSc in the Computer Science Faculty (Technion), in the areas of Information Retrieval and Web Search. My research was on Context-Sensitive Query Auto-Completion. My supervisors were Dr. Ziv Bar-Yossef and Prof. Shaul Markovitch. Prior to moving to the Technion, I worked in IBM Haifa Research lab in a variety of research and development projects.

See my CV for more information about me.



  • Project supervisor NSSL Lab EE Technion
  • Example projects:
    • Community Detection, Spring 2016
    • Wikipedia Similarity Search, Spring 2015
    • Movie Recommendations using Collaborative-Filtering, Winter 2015
    • Big Data: Content-based Movie Recommendations, Winter 2015
    • Amazon Product Search Web Application, Spring 2014
    • IMDB Search Web Application, Spring 2014
    • Wikipedia Search Web Application, Winter 2014
    • Topic AutoComplete in Wikipedia Search, Winter 2014
    • Free-Text Document Search, Spring 2013
    • Finding and Recommending Friends in an Online Social Network (OSN), Spring 2013
  • Teaching assistant in charge, Introduction to Search Engine Technology (cs236621)
  • Teaching assistant, Introduction to computer programming (cs234112)